Risk Management

Risk Management

Manage Your Risk



When determining what HVAC equipment to use on a given building, risk management is not at the top of everyone list…but it should be. An improper or inferior HVAC system and equipment could lead to a multitude of serious problems for the building and occupants. GreenTrol’s products are a very economical way to reduce the risk of litigation from any problem with the performance of the building.


Moisture in the walls due to under-ventilating, dirt/dust particles due to under-ventilating, poor IAQ due to under-ventilating, and pressurization issues (either under-pressurizing or over-pressurizing).



If your system does not bring in enough Outdoor Air, your building will have “negative” pressure. Which means air from the outside will then enter the building through gaps and different areas in the building. This air coming in is unconditioned, and if you are in a humid climate (East of the Rockies), then your building could get moisture, and eventually mold in the walls because the HVAC system does not have any OA measurement or control. Now, if you are in a dry environment, you’re not in the clear either. That unconditioned dry air will bring in dust and dirt particles causing poor IAQ.


Sick Building Syndrome



When there is not enough fresh air coming into a building as prescribed by code, the Indoor Air Quality becomes less than desirable. This could lead to occupant sickness and discomfort. One diagnosis is Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). This is defined by individuals displaying some sort of irritant or illness while inside the building, but the ailments subside when the individual leaves the building. Another, more threatening diagnosis, is Building Related Illness (BRI). This is defined by an illness caused by the exposure of the air inside the building and symptoms last well after leaving the building.



When your building is not properly pressurized, you either have a negative pressure load when there is not enough OA coming into the space, or a positive pressure load when you have too much OA coming into the building. Both could be very problematic for litigation purposes. If the building is too negative, it could be very hard to open or close doors, and an individual could injure oneself in the process. Also, if the building is too positive, it could literally blow the doors and windows out, causing unnecessary costs and possible injury.

Airflow Leaks in Building Envelope

The good news is GreenTrol Automation has an affordable solution. By installing one of our Outdoor Air Controllers, you can compensate for all of these issues. With our precision Thermal Dispersion airflow sensors and integrated controls, we can control the amount of Outdoor Air to the prescribed design to minimize risk and avoid unwanted litigation.

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