IAQ Occupant Well Being

IAQ Occupant Well Being

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Occupant comfort and occupant health are two major reasons to install accurate Airflow Meters with integrated controls. Most people do not notice when air quality is good in a building. And conversely, most do realize when the building is too hot, cold, humid, stale, musty, etc. When these conditions exist, it can easily be attributed to the improper amount of Outdoor Air coming into the building. For example, have you ever walked into a room which smells musty and feels moist? Well, that is because the room is not receiving the proper amount of Outdoor (fresh) Air.



Studies have shown when a building is properly conditioned with the correct amount of fresh air coming into the space, employee production drastically increases. Fresh air makes people feel better and more alert, hence better production. When air is “stale” or not conditioned properly, people are more lethargic and far less productive. Also, in retail stores, if customers feel better because of the air quality in the store, they are more likely to spend more time in the store, increasing the chances of more sales.

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The proper amount of fresh air also plays a vital role in occupant health. If you have the right amount of outdoor air coming in, your employees stay healthier as a whole – less overall sick days. Just think about one person that has a cold and is coughing while at work. If that air that is coming from that employee is not properly extruded from the building and replaced with fresh air, it gets recycled to all other areas in the building increasing the risk of other occupants getting sick.



According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees’ compensations account for more than 60% of the total expenses for any give company. It would only make sense to invest a fraction of that cost on a company’s number one asset – its employees. Installing a GreenTrol Outdoor Air Controller could drastically benefit occupant comfort and health, causing increased production and less sick days. Not to mention overall attitude of the occupants within the properly controlled space.

The whole concept of a building’s HVAC system is to provide thermal comfort to the occupants in the space it services. Unfortunately, most Light Commercial systems do not provide the right amount of Outdoor Air.

The good news is GreenTrol Automation has an affordable solution. By installing one of our Outdoor Air Controllers, you can compensate for all of these issues. With our precision Thermal Dispersion airflow sensors and integrated controls, we can control the amount of Outdoor Air and help your light commercial HVAC system provide Indoor Air Quality for your occupant well-being.

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