Green Flow Series

Airflow | Temperature Measurement Solutions

The GF Series use the principal of thermal dispersion to determine the airflow rate. Thermal dispersion is ideal for HVAC applications that typically require measurement of low air velocities.

Green Alert Series

Remote Displays, Alarms and Network Bridges

The GA Series converts sensor signals to visual displays, notification alarms and/or provides a bridge between analog and network devices.

EMOAC Series

Minimum Outdoor Airflow Controller Modules for Systems with an Airside Economizer

The EMOAC controller modulate the control signal to a proportional analog outdoor/return air damper actuator to maintain the minimum ventilation rate required whenever the economizer controller (by others) is in minimum outdoor air mode.

OAC Series

Outdoor Airflow Controller for Systems without an Airside Economizer

OAC controllers are perfect for rooftop air handlers or air handlers with ducted outdoor air intakes when an airside economizer is not installed. Controllers are also ideal for ducted outdoor air intakes to fan coils, DOAS and makeup air systems.

Green Sense Series

Co2 Measurement and Control Solutions

GreenTrol CO2 sensors are available in wall and duct mount models, with some models having additional sensing capability.

Green Count Series

Occupancy Counters

The GC Series occupancy counters are designed for population-based demand control ventilation (DCV) so that only the outdoor air required for acceptable indoor air quality is provided.


Integrated Sensors & Control Solutions

GreenTrol offers a wide range of measurement devices and application specific airflow controllers so it can offer a turn-key, single source solution for today’s high performance buildings.

The Benefits of  GreenTrol Technology

By implementing GreenTrol products into your HVAC system you can significantly improve the following:


Occupant health, well-being and productivity are directly related to indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Outdoor air is expensive to condition. Save energy by controlling outdoor air ventilation rates.

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Unacceptable IAQ can cause respiratory illness that increases designer and owner liability.

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Sensors are important monitoring & alarming tools for early detection of system faults.

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System Applications

A superior Airflow Temperature and Control Solution for:

Packaged Unit Solutions

Designed for intakes up to 8 sq ft

ERV| HRV Solutions

Duct and cabinet openings up to 8 sq ft

Round Duct Solutions

 Designed for 4 to 16 inch round

Product  Information

Condensed Product Catalog



Condensed Catalog


Condensed Catalog

GreenTrol Automation

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